Thirlmere Museum

Heritage Train Maintenance Facility

Client: RailCorp / Robsons Civil Projects

The project consisted of the construction of a new Main Exhibition Building of approximately 2300m2, working train platform adjacent to the building, refurbishment of the existing Exhibition Hall, upgrade of essential site services, remediation of the site along with major civil works and full landscaping of the site.

The Main Exhibition Building consisted of an 8 stage concrete raft slab with a exposed internal structural steel skeleton covered with Kingspan roof, Kingspan wall cladding, intricate finished precast panels, Vitrapanel cladding and viridian glazed windows...The building is a mix of high quality finishes and details to provide a truly unique and visually capturing structure.

The construction works required careful co-ordination with the Rail Transport Museum as the museums yard remained operational and shunting of trains continued throughout construction.